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Before we do business, get

to know us a little by

reading through

our FAQ

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Who Are We?

Izzitt is a T-shirt and apparel printing company, operating out of beautiful Burlington, in the great state of Vermont.

We also have a constantly evolving line of funky and intriguing T-shirts, which helps to keep our creative juices flowing, and remind us that T-shirts are fun.

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What Is Our Process?

We use the heat transfer method to print our apparel. Our transfers are silkscreened using conventional silkscreen ink, that we apply to your garments using heat and pressure. There are advantages to traditional silkscreen and advantages to the heat press method. Don’t hate on either.

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Who Are We Not?

We are not a gigantic corporation processing thousands of nameless and faceless orders each day through a million dollar website. We want to answer your questions, we want to ensure you get the best possible end result, and we would like to get to know you in the process. 

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Who Is Our Ideal Customer?


But seriously, our favorite customers are the ones that are just as excited as us, to see their brand come to life on top-class T-shirts and apparel.

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What Is Important To Us?

A seamless and enjoyable customer experience is very important to us. There are times when difficulties are encountered and we have to work through them, but we want to make your experience a good one. We prefer to use high quality T-shirts too. They cost a bit more, but so damn worth it.